Best Agricultural Universities In Africa

Best Agricultural Universities In Africa

In under developed countries, the worst drawback is that the farmers of the country are not the literate people they don’t have proper knowledge of farming. But now the world has realized the importance of farming, so they have started proper teaching of the farming to make the farmers aware of the scientific techniques of farming. By scientific farming one can get the maximum level of production from the minimum land. Many of the fertilizer are introduced to enhance the fertility of land sprays are introduced to kill the harmful insects from the crops. All the food requirements of the country can be fulfilled by the scientific way of farming. If the production of agricultural products is on the success, you can also earn handsome money from exports. The ranking highlights the world’s top best universities by academic reputation, employer reputation, and impact research methodology. We have discussed some of the general points about agriculture. Now we are going to discuss the top ten best agricultural Universities of Africa. List of top rated agricultural universities in Africa:

10) Stellenbosch University:

best university of africa

The University of Stellenbosch was established in 1966. This School is considered to be one of the oldest universities in South Africa. The quality education and teaching have ensured the Institution a finest academic institution in Africa. By getting the qualification from the Institution , you can easily get jobs, and you can easily work at a good place.

9) University of Cape Town:

ninth best university

The University of Cape Town offers the quality education and creative thought for the education of agriculture in South Africa. The age of the Institution of Cape Town is about 100 years. The research of the Institution is of very high quality. It is the requirement of the society that the farmers should have the proper knowledge of farming to produce the quality products.

8) University of Pretoria:

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The University of Pretoria offers the post graduation education in the field of agriculture. The total enrollment of the students in the University of Pretoria of 38635 and 27% of the students were the students to get the education of agriculture. 2500 students enrolled in the Institution are international students. The school of Pretoria teaches how to get the maximum production from the land.

7) University of Kwazulu Natal:

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The University unites the two major institutes KwaZulu and Natal. The Institution teaches about the fertility of the land. How to produce the maximum level of crops? The school of KwaZulu-Natal is the 7th best college among all the Universities for the education of agriculture.

6) Addis Ababa University:

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Addis Ababa University is the 6th best university among all the best universities for the agriculture in the region. If you get the education of proper cultivation of the crops, you can fulfill all the requirements of food in the country. The world gave realized the importance of the agriculture and developed many of the institutes to educate the people in the field of cultivation and agriculture.

5) University of Ghana:

Best Agricultural Universities In Africa

The University of Ghana is the 5th best school in Africa for the education of agriculture. University offers the best faculty to the students. Many of the students from different areas of the world come to get an education from the best university in Ghana. The Institution of Ghana provides the best educational environment for the students.

4) Makerere University:

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Makerere University is 4th best Institution among the best universities in the Africa. The faculty of the Institution is the best and provides al kind of information about the cultivation of the crop and at which season the crop is harvested. People from many countries come to get an education from the Makerere Institution.

3) University of Mauritius:

Best Agricultural Universities In Africa

The University of Mauritius is the 3rd best university in the world. Agriculture is much important for any country because the food requirement of the country depends on upon the agriculture of the country. The population is growing day by day, and there is a shortage of food. To fulfill this gap, a strong agriculture is required.

2) University of Namibia:

Namibia agriculture university

The University of Namibia is considered to be the 2nd best School among all the best universities for agriculture. Cultivation of the crops in such a way to get the maximum level of production from the minimum level of land can be achieved. Many of the students studding in the Institution come from different countries of the world.

1) University of Natal:

University of Natal

At the top of the list comes the best University of South Africa the School of Namibia. The faculty of the Institution is considered to be the best. The Institution of Namibia provides the depth knowledge of agriculture to its students and quality of education. It provides best educational environments to its students.

Best Agricultural Universities In Africa – Top Rated

SR No.University NameAddress/contact
01University of NatalAddress: King George V Ave, Durban, 4041, South Africa
Phone: +27 31 260 1111
02University of NamibiaAddress: Windhoek, Namibia
Phone: +264 61 206 3111
03University of MauritiusAddress: Ebène Cybercity, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Phone:+230 403 7400
04Makerere UniversityAddress: Wandegeya, Kampala, Uganda
Phone: +256 41 4533332
05University of GhanaAddress: Legon Boundary, Accra, Ghana
06Addis Ababa UniversityAddress: Ras Mekonnen Bldg, Ethiopia
07University of Kwazulu NatalAddress: King George V Ave, Durban, 4041, South Africa
Phone: +27 31 260 1111
08University of PretoriaAddress: Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 420 4111
09University of Cape TownAddress: Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa
10Stellenbosch UniversityAddress: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Phone:+27 21 808 9111


We have discussed above the top ten best universities for the education agriculture. Agriculture is considered to be much important for the economy of the country. To fulfill the requirement of the food for the country agriculture is very important. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get a clear idea about the best universities in Africa for Agriculture.