Top Ten Best Universities for Abnormal Psychology

Top Ten Best Universities for Abnormal Psychology

Psychology is the studies of the behavior of the people which are considered to be abnormal. In this branch of science, people try to understand the mental disorders of the people suffering from the disease. The term covers a wide range of mental disorders such as disorders of sexual deviation, obsession-compulsion, and depression to only a few of the people. The habits of normal and abnormal person differ, and there is a great discrepancy in between normal and abnormal people in the society. There is several profession of psychology including the clinic psychologist. The normal universities do not offer the programs of psychology. Some of the special universities offer the programs for the specialization in the psychological studies. In the modern era mostly new generation is suffering from the problem of depression. This is just because their lives are far away from the religion and God. There is no difference between right and wrong path. They are blindly spending the purposeless life. Here are some of the universities which are considered best for the purpose psychology. This is a kind of technical studies because in it you have to understand the emotion and feelings of the different natures people. Here are the best universities for abnormal psychology.

10) The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs:

best colleges for abnormal psychology

The University of Colorado is one of the largest universities in the world. It provides the variety of the programs for the students. Three of the degrees are offered by the institution B.A, M.A, and Ph.D. The institution has developed its different web pages through which community can get the knowledge about the opportunities available at the institution of Colorado. Faculty of the institution is highly educated and talented.

9) Bethune_Cookmen University:

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Bethune-Cookman is a small, old and a private university. The School is located in the Daytona Beach, Florida. University offers a variety of programs for graduate and undergraduate students through seven academic schools which include the school of arts, humanities, school of education, school of business, nursing, science and school of engineering. The main address of the School id 65 Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune Boulevard Daytona Beach, FL 32114_3099.

8) Aurora University:

Top Ten universities for abnormal psychology

Aurora University is privately owned and operated. The main campus of the institution is in Aurora, but the sub campuses are in many other cities such as Woodstock and William Bay. The total annual enrollment of the students in the institution of Aurora is about 4500 students. The institution provides the degrees of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral to the students.

7) Manchester College:

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Manchester College is also one of  top rated universities for abnormal psychology. The address of the College is 604 East College Avenue North Manchester.IN 46962 (260) 982_5000. The website of the institution is www. The University offers degrees of associate programs, Bachelors, and Masters. The amount of under graduate intake of the students is about 1120. The University of Manchester enrolls fresh students per year is about 397.

6) Grinnell College:

Best Universities for Abnormal Psychology

Grinnell College is also the world best college. The main address of the college is 1103 Park Street, Grinnell, IA 50112_1690 (641) 269_400. The degree offered by the School is only the degree of bachelors. The total number of undergraduate enrollment of the students in the institution is about 1678. The amount of fresh intake of the students per year by the institution is 464.

5) Morehead State University:

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Morehead state University is a public, coeducational institution . The institution was formed in 1887 and located in Morehead. Morehead is comprised of five colleges such as the college of education, college of science and technology, College of arts-humanities and social sciences. The two third faculty of the school of Morehead holds the degree of the doctorate.

4) Smith College:

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Smith College is the college of liberal sciences located in the Northampton, Massachusetts. The building on the campus is historical and full of beautiful art and botanic gardens. The Smith College offers the traditional academic degrees to its students. The undergraduate programs offered by the institution are classical studies, religion, music, medieval studies, engineering, and biology.

3) Pak University:

Best Universities for Abnormal Psychology

The Pak University is surely one of the best Universities in the world. The address of the university is 8700 NW River Park Drive PMB 13 Parkville, MO 64152. The website of the institution is The basic degrees offered by the institution are the degrees of Bachelors, Associate degrees and the degree of maters. The enrollment of fresh students in the university is about 257.

2) Springfield College:

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If we talk about the best college of the world Springfield is one of the best Colleges of the world. The main address of the College is 263 Alden Street Springfield, MA 01109 (413) 748_3000. The website of the Springfield College is The main degrees offered by the institution are the degrees of bachelors, masters and the degrees of associate programs. The enrollment of the fresh students in the university is about 618. Total gradate from the University are 2242.

1) Washington University in ST. Louis:

Best Universities for Abnormal Psychology

Among all the universities discussed above the Washington University is considered as the best university and from other top rated universities for psychology. The main address of the institution is Campus Box 1089, one booking Drive ST. Louis, MO 63130_4800. The website of the university is The main degrees offered by the institution are the doctoral degrees, bachelors, and masters level degrees.

Best Universities for Abnormal Psychology – Top Rated

SR NO.University NameAddress/Phone no
1Washington University in ST. LouisAddress: 1 Brookings Dr, St. Louis, MO 63130, United States
2Springfield CollegeAddress: 263 Alden St, Springfield, MA 01109, United States
Phone: +1 413-748-3000
3Pak UniversityAddress: Lahore 54890
Phone: (042) 99231105
4 Smith CollegeAddress: Northampton, MA 01063, United States
5Morehead State UniversityAddress: 150 University Blvd, Morehead, KY 40351, United States
Phone: +1 606-783-2221
6Grinnell CollegeAddress: 1115 8th Ave, Grinnell, IA 50112, United State
7 Manchester CollegeAddress: Princess House, 105-107 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 161 656 5714
8Aurora UniversityAddress: 347 S Gladstone Ave, Aurora, IL 60506, United States
Phone: +1 630-892-6431
9Bethune_Cookmen UniversityAddress: 640 Dr Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, United States
Phone: +1 386-481-2000
10University of Colorado at Colorado springAddress: 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States
Phone: +1 719-255-8227


We have discussed above the top ten best universities of the world for abnormal psychology. Psychology is a full technical study about the abnormal behavior and emotion of the people. All the universities do not offer the specialization in the subject. Specific universities provide the best of education and experience of the topic. The above mentioned all the universities are considered to be the best for the specialization in the subject of psychology.