Top Ten Best Universities for Accounting in South Africa

Top Ten Best Universities for Accounting in South Africa

As twenty-first century is the world of business. In every profession of the world, business is involved. If we take the profession of the teacher or the doctor, they are performing the specific duty just to run the circle of their family. Accounting is related to the business studies. People who are interested in business should choose accounting as a subject. Accounting is having a vast field. The degree of accounting involves how to measure, process, analyze and to communicate in the language of the business. One should get awareness about the popular term of the business such as investors, debtors, and creditors, etc. We define accounting as “process by which financial information about the business, organization or individual is recorded, classified, summarized and interpreted”. The major accounting involves the degree of bachelor of accountancy (BACY, BACC or BACCY). The students want to do the bachelor on the subject of accounting should have the strong background in mathematics. Here is the list of best universities for accounting in South Africa.

1) University of Cape Town:

cape town uni

The University of Cape Town is considered to be one of the top rated universities in accounting. It offers the variety of the programs for the students interested in the business studies and administration. Online educational programs are also offered by the institution of Cape Town. The faculty members of the institution are highly educated and the most intelligent people of the society. In 2015 over 75% of students in UCT residence were black. In 2016, the percentage of the students is accepted to be higher than the previous year.


2) University of Pretoria:

accounting best uni

The University of Pretoria is considered to be the research-intensive university. This is also at the top among the best universities for accounting. The institution is located in Pretoria, and there are many campuses of the institution in Pretoria. The institution offers a variety of the program to its students in the field of accounting. The faculty of the institution is highly talented and well experienced.


3) Stellenbosch University:

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Stellenbosch University is considered to be the best as it provides the best educational environment to the students. The institution is situated in proximity to government departments. The School offers many of the programs for the graduate and undergraduate students. Students from different areas of the world come to get the best education from here.


4) University of Witwatersrand:

top rated universities in south africa

As it is one of the South Africa top rated universities. The institution of Witwatersrand other than the studies of accounting offers many other programs. Masters in different languages are offered by the institution. This is one of the best universities in South Africa. Many of students come from abroad to study and to get the quality of education from here.


5) Rhodes University:

Rhodes University

The University of the Rhodes is in the top ten best universities in South Africa. The programs offered by the institution include commerce, education, humanities, law, pharmacy, science, service learning and academic profiles. This School is considered to be the hub of all the universities. The admissions are offered to the students of graduate, undergraduate and post graduates. The libraries of the School include the RU library, Cory Library, Law Library, Margaret Smith Library and ILAM library.


6) University of Kwazulu Natal:

University of Kwazulu Natal

The University of Kwazulu Natal is on the best rank of accounting universities ranking in south africa. The institution of Kwazulu Natal is a multi-campus, and residential. It is The best for the education of commerce and business administration. The institution offers the variety of the programs to its students. The merit of the School is very high only highly talented, and intelligent students can get admission.


7) University of Western Cape:

best universities in south africa

The university is considered to be best and offers the variety of the programs for its students. The faculty of the school includes the facility of arts. The faculty of community and health sciences, the faculty of dentistry, the faculty of economic and management sciences, the faculty of education, the faculty of law, the faculty of natural sciences and the faculty of studies. Visitors can get a campus tour and campus map.


8) University of South Africa:

universities in south africa

The University of South Africa is also included in the list of top ten best universities in the world. This is just because the College offers the quality education to its students. The admission of the institution is opened till the March 4tg 2016. Students from different counties and areas go to get the higher education from the best institution. The faculty includes the doctorate professors.


9) University of Johannesburg:

Best Universities for Accounting in South Africa

The University of Johannesburg is surely the best School for the business administrative studies. This institution not only gives the quality education to its students but also give the practical knowledge of the subject. Many of the students of the universities are working in the large firms and running their own business. Teachers leave a strong impact on the brains of the students, so the faculty of the school is the best.


10) University of Free State:

Best Universities for Accounting in South Africa

The University of free state is surely included in the top most universities in South Africa. With this view, South Africa has also developed many of the universities to impart quality education to its students. The institution of Free States offers a variety of the programs to its students including commerce, medical, engineering, heath and care, HR department, etc. people from different areas come to get an education from the University.

Best Universities for Accounting in South Africa – Top Rated

SR NO.Name of Universitiesaddress/phone no
1University of Cape TownAddress: Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa

Phone: +27 21 650 9111

2University of PretoriaAddress: Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 420 4111
3Stellenbosch UniversityAddress: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 808 9111
4University of the WitwatersrandAddress: 1 Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 717 1000
5Rhodes UniversityAddress: Drosty Rd, Grahamstown, 6139, South Africa
Phone: +27 46 603 8111
6University of Kwazulu NatalAddress: King George V Ave, Durban, 4041, South Africa
Phone: +27 31 260 1111
7University of Western CapeAddress: Robert Sobukwe Rd, Bellville, Cape Town, 7535, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 959 2911
8 University of South AfricaAddress: 1 Preller St, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa
9 University of JohannesburgAddress: 5 Molesey Ave, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 559 2112
10 University of Free StateAddress: 205 Nelson Mandela Drive, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa
Phone: +27 51 401 9111


We have discussed above the best universities of South Asia. Every country tries to increase the literacy rate of their nation by developing the best institute. To provide the opportunities to the people to make them self well established. Similarly, South Africa has also developed the best institute to impart the quality education to its students. The above mentioned all the universities are the best to carry the further education in South Africa.