List of Best Law Colleges in Texas

List of Best Law Colleges in Texas

After reading this article you will be able to know about the List of Best Law Colleges in Texas with their names, address and locations. There is no doubt about the importance of the studies of Law in this present Era. Today, Law is one of the disciplines which gets a lot of student in the Universities and colleges. Why people have now taking so much interest in this area of studies? There are many reasons for that. The first reason is that it is a lawyer is one of the most paying profession. Today lawyer are earning much money, when compared with the other profession. Another reason is that it defends us from the evils.  It is simple that how so ever will have some know-how of law would not do any activity that would be unlawful. The law studies also promote the common good in the society. The law not only save people from doing evil actions, but it also lines up the action of individuals in the way the law want them to. Thus, it encourages the people to do the right things.

9. South Texas College of Law:

Top Nine Law Colleges in Texas

It is a private institution in Downtown Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1923 and is known to be the oldest law college in Houston. This institution is working proficiently working to lead its students from the legal theory to practical law. There are thirteen hundred students studying in this institution. There are near to hundred faculty members in this institute; thus the student to teacher ratio at this college is 13: The acceptance rate in this institute is 62.9%.  Three are more than Caucasian being studying over here. One of the remarkable thing about this institution is that, the 82.5% students of STCL get employment within a year of their graduation.

8. Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University:

Top Law Colleges in texas

This public institution has started to work in U.S. state of Texas since 1946. This institute offer degrees in Doctor of Jurisprudence. However, two other degrees are also offered here which are JD-MBA and JD-MPA. There is an enrollment six hundred students in this institution and the number of male are less that the female. This institution charges $18,443 in one year from their students who keep resistance with this institute. However, the total acceptance rate of this institution is only 50%. So you need to have some good talent if you want to get a institute in this college. There are 58 faculty members in this institution, thus making student to teacher ratio of 14:1. 73 % 0of the student get employed after having degree from the institute.

7. Texas A&M University School of Law:

Nine Top Colleges in texas

Fort Worth, Texas has another wonderful institution of Law studies, which is also known as AM University. This institution was founded in 1989. This college offers J.D degree in three sessions of time. There are seven hundred and fifty students in this university and almost forty teachers. Number of a male student are almost 52% as $8 of the female students. Charging only little lower fee of $17000 per year for the children, the University also offers certain grants to its 35% students. 80% of the student of this university get their self-employed in a first year after their graduation. Almost 70% percent students of this college get 3.4 GPA in their course of studies.

6. St. Mary’s School of Law:

Top Texas Law Colleges

With a strength of more than eight hundred students, this institute is working proficiently in the city of in Antonio, in Texas. It is a private institution working since 1927. This institute is known to be the oldest Catholic institution in Southwest America. This institution has more than hundred students. Thus, student to teacher ratio in this institute is 8:1. Doctor of Jurisprudence is the core degree offered here. Other than that, this institution offers four options for joint degree programs. Along with that, this institute charges some higher fees i.e. $18500. 91% students of this institute get employed after the completion of their degree.

5. Texas Tech University School of Law:

Top Five Law Colleges in Texas

Lubbock, of Texas, has an attired College of Law studies which have been working since 1967. In year 2011, the Princeton Review has ranked this college at 3rd place. Only 50% of the students who applies for the admission becomes able to get into the college. Tit has an enrollment of six hundred students, however, because of that, and there are only 65 faculty members in this college. Thus, it makes a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. However, the ratio between male and female students is almost equal. Other than that, there are seven options for joint degree with doctor of jurisprudence. Surveys say that there remain 84% students who get some earning started in the first year after their graduation.

4. University of Houston Law Center:

Top 5 Law Colleges in Texas

It is a public institution that has been working since year of 1947. This college is situated in Houston. There are more seven hundred students in this institute. For which this institution has employed three hundred teachers. It makes the teacher to student ratio very fantastic. Thus, the acceptance rate of this institution is only 34%, which makes this institution dream of many students. Due to such repute, the college also attracts students from all around the world. The fee structure of this college is also upstanding. The college charges higher fee, which are $29,748 for a resident student. However, there are 65% students who get grants from the college. In regard to scholarship. 85% of the students get employed after their graduation.

3. Dedman School of Law:

Top Three Law Colleges in Texas

This college is also known as SMU Law School. It is a private college which has been founded in 1925.  This college also has a very low acceptance rate. That is just near to 33%. There are nearly eight hundred students in this college and have only 65 teacher, so the teacher to a student rate in this college is not good. There are one faculty members in this college for every 16 students. It is known to be the most expensive college in its native field. The college charged $46518 from its students who are resident as fee. The students of this college get very good grades on average. There are 75% students who get more than 3.8 GPA. Along with that, another thing fantastic about this college is that, the 93% students of this college get employment in a first year after their completion of graduation.

2. University of Texas School of Law:

Texas Top 3 Law Colleges

It is a public university which has been operational since year 1883. It is the oldest university operation in law in Texas. In the period of more than one century, the institution has passed through number of stages. This college has earned a good fame in its age. It has more than near to fifty hundred students with some lower acceptance rate and rate fees; the institution is working firmly in its field. This college has higher number of teacher, which makes the student to teacher ratio a better one. Offering more than six options for joint degree, this is an upstanding college. Regarding the educational aspect.

1. Baylor Law School, Baylor University:

Top Law College in Texas

It is a private college working in west of the Mississippi. This college is affiliated with Baylor University and high regards amongst the educationists. There is an enrollment of only four hundred students in this college. And the number of faculty members is more than 69. Thus, the student to teacher ratio in this college is comparable with the other colleges. The college takes high fees from the students, which is, $49500 per year. There are 82% students who get the job or get employed, after completion of the degree.

1Baylor Law School, Baylor University1114 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76706, United States
Tel:+1 254-710-1911
2University of Texas School of Law727 E Dean Keeton St, Austin, TX 78705, United States
Tel:+1 512-471-3434
3Dedman School of Law3315 Daniel Ave, Dallas, TX 75205, United States
Tel:+1 214-768-2797
4University of Houston Law Center4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004, United States
Tel:+1 713-743-2100
5Texas Tech University School of LawTexas Tech University School of Law, MS0004, 1802 Hartford Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 79409-0004
Tel: (806) 742-3990
6St. Mary’s School of LawFax:210-431-4202
7Texas A&M University School of Law1515 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States
Tel:+1 817-212-4000
8Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University3100 Cleburne St, Houston, TX 77004, United States
Tel:+1 713-313-1076
9South Texas College of Law1303 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77002, United States
+1 713-659-8040

Ending Remarks:

To sum up the whole story, it can be said that the State of Taxes is rich in regards to the education, institutions offering degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law. The success rate of the students of these law colleges is also high. However, the fee packages in these colleges are also little bit high. But, reality is that a fee means nothing if the product of the educational institution gets high standing in their professional life.