List of Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in USA

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in USA

There is a List of Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in USA these are also best American institutes. Whenever it is talked about education, subsequently, the senses of most of us go to an act of studying some content of certain courses about a particular area of interest, which is totally conservative and tradition concept about education, because as of today, most of the literate and modern community, the notion of getting educated has been changed and it has been taken as a learning of multiple aspects about a discipline of studies along with the particular curriculum and getting vast exposure about the same; and to the fortune, this new view of education has also effected the choice of institution of people i.e. the people now evaluate the quality of academy on basis of certain features including their ability to build such an intellect in the students which help to bring an intuitive mentality in them rather than conformist minds, as well as many other topographies, and to get these amenities, we become agree to pay as much to the school which comply with such qualities. Let’s have a list of top ten schools in America which are trying to conform all the prerequisites looked for and for it they charge heavy fees:

10.Concord Academy:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in USA

Founded in 1922, Concord Academy is an Autonomous academy offering classes from nine to twelfth scale. The campus is situated on an area of 39 acres. The school has both boarding-students and day scholars in its enrollment. There is an enrollment of more than 350 students in the academy. Half of the strength avails logging faculty of the college. The school got top ranking among American boarding schools for the facilities provided by the management of the school. Performing Arts Center, Math and Arts Center and the Moriarty Athletic Campus are the other amenities enjoyed by the students. A great emphasis on sport is given in this school. There are more than twenty teams of different sports. These teams take part in Eastern Independent League (EIL). The Centipede, The Chameleon, The Scallion, Drop are the periodic publications of this school. Along with boarding-students, the Day-Scholars enjoy the facility of late-night library and extra help from teachers after class. The Alumni have number of main stream persons known for their work in different fields of life. The annual fee of this academy is approximate $43,680 for 2015.

9.Kent School:

Top 10 Expensive Schools of USA

A private school in Kent, Connecticut. It was established by Father Reverend Frederick Herbert Sill in 1906. Co-education was introduced in 1960 in the school, making it Pioneer of co-education in New England. The territory of the school comprises of 1200 acres of land, in which 570 students are enrolled. Out of strength, more than five hundred students are hostel-allies. The Hostels have more than 6 big Dorm including North Dorm, Middle Dorm South, Borsdorff Hall, Case Dorm, Field Dorm, and Dining Hall Dorm. Along with schools like Hotchkiss School, Choate Rosemary Hall, The Taft School, Kent is also affiliated with Founders League. Equestrian and football are the most admired sports of this school. Presently, the student to teacher ratio is 7:1 here. This school charge $43,775 as one year fee.

8.Lawrence Academy:

Most Expenses Schools of USA

The third oldest logging institute in Massachusetts is Lawrence Academy. It was charted in 1793 Governor John Hancock. This institute is situated on 100 acre rural area, in Groton. The quadrangle seated in center of the school gives wonderful views of Mount Wachusett, the fairways of the Groton Country Club and Gibbet Hill Farm. This institute has been ranked as 2nd most expensive private academy in the world. Out of total enrollment of 400 students, half avails the boarding facility of school. The student-teacher ratio in this school is almost 5:1. And the average class size is of 14. Out of total applicant of the admission, only 30% of them are accepted. The Athletics teams of school take an active part in Independent School League. Due to the age of the institution, the alumnus of institute is blessed with more than 4000 pupils. Approximately $43,707 would be the annual fee at the academy in year 2015

7.Groton School:

USA List of Most Expensive Schools

This academy was founded in 1884 by Rev. Endicott Peabody. Groton school is in Groton, Massachusetts, and has co-education system since 1975. It is religiously affiliated with Episcopal. This institute has grades from eight to twelve. It has an enrollment of 400 students. This institute is well known for preparing good product which is capable of entering in elite American universities. Academy accepts only 12% of the admission applicants. The academy gets pupils from the other countries like China, Korea, Mexico, and Switzerland. 385-acre land of the campus of the academy has expansive meadows, rolling forests, bank of Nashua River, many sport fields and dormitories. The buildings of campus are constructed in a Circle and no student is allowed to pass the circle. This institute also has affiliation with Independent School League. Football, Crew, lacrosse, Squash, swimming, ice hockey, track, tennis, baseball and basketball are games played at this school. Groton has bitter enmity with St. Mark’s School, in sports league. For year 2015, the school fee would be round $43,990.

6.Horace Mann School:

Top 10 Expensive Schools of USA

A private owned institute has classes from nursery to twelfth grade. It was founded in year 1887. Academy works as nonprofit organization in New York. This institute has four divisions; a Nursery having three-year-old children to kindergarten level, a Lower having classes from kindergarten to fifth grades, a Middle comprises of classes from sixth to eighth grades and an Upper Division from ninth to twelfth grades. For the field trips of students starting from grade two, the academy has John Dorr Nature Laboratory on an area of 275 acres. By Forbes, the academy was ranked second best preparatory institute in 2010. Almost 50 different courses are offered here, involving Advanced Placement courses, honors courses and the foreign languages. Other courses include performing and visual arts. This institutes makes very selective policy to recruit students on bases of grades in admission tests and interviews. Round $44,405 are annual charges of the academy.

5.Hotchkiss School:

List of Top 5 Expensive Schools of USA

This academy was founded in 1891 under a private ownership. Hotchkiss School is in Connecticut, United States. This academy has coeducation system and offer fascinating logging facilities to its pupil. Grades from 9 to 12 are offered here. Academy also provides s post-graduation option to its own students. There are more than two hundred courses being taught here. There are six hundred students enrolled here. Out of this total strength, 90 % of the students avail boarding facility. Number of male and female is same here. Coeducation was introduced in 1974. Academy has a faculty of hundred and fifty member. Average size of a class is 15 in this institute, while student to teacher ratio is 5:1. The Record is Publications of the academy which is printed periodically. A healthy fee of round $44,575 makes the academy on 5th position in ranking of most expensive academy of USA.

4.Riverdale Country School:

List of a USA Most Expensive Schools

This co-educational, private academy was founded in 1907. Frank Hackett was the founder of this institute. Riverdale Country institute is in New York, on an area if 27 acre. Two other institutes i.e. Neighborhood Elementary institute 1920 and Riverdale Girls School 1933 were merged in this institute in 1972. There are two campuses of the academy i.e. River Campus and Hill Campus. The River Campus has three buildings including senior building, Perkins Building, and Admissions/Juniors building. The other campus has three playing fields and pool, fencing room, wrestling room, drama room and three art rooms. Publication includes Riverdale Review which is student newspaper. Baseball, Basketball, Cross-Country, Field Hockey, Fencing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and Crew are the sports widely played here. The annual fee of this institute is round $44,600.

3.Avenues: The World School:

Top 3 Most Expensive Scholls of USA

“The best education cash can purchase” is the regard awarded to the academy by The New York Times. This institute was founded in 2012. The first campus was opened in New York. The administration is planning to open 20 more campuses, but the head office would retain in the current city. A ten story building of 215,000 square-feet was architecture by a famous Architectural firm. The total strength is eleven hundred here. This institute offers classes from pre-K-12th grade. The classes are distributing in four divisions i.e. Learning Center, Lower School, Middle School and Upper school. This institute wants to give its students a good exposure of the vast external world. But one thing in which the academy lacks in is Athletic activities. However, giving the advantage to newness, it is supposed that institute will start to give good emphases on both curricular and extracurricular activities. By charging approximate $45,600 fee annually, this institute becomes 3rd most expensive institute in USA in 2015

2.Salisbury School:

Tops 2 Most Expensive Schools of USA

Salisbury School is an educational institution in Salisbury, Connecticut. This institute was founded in 1901. This institute is all-boys and provides attractive boarding facilities to its pupil. With a traditionally arranged curriculum, there are many disciplines being taught in the institute. With a total strength of 300 hundred students, the average size of a class is 11. There is a big library in the academy having more than twenty five thousand books. All the students are required to gather every day. And on Tuesday morning, the students and teachers are required to join at Church. The hostel allies gets delightful facilities in the dorms which are managed by a dorm parent and students honored as prefect. Full time health care staff remains present at the dorms. There are 33 sports teams of institute. Hotchkiss, Trinity, Kent, Avon are main rivals of Salisbury. This institute gets 2nd rank in list of most expensive school of USA because of charging round $46,364.

1.Lawrenceville School:
Which is most expensive Schools of USA?
Lawrenceville School is the most expensive institution of United States of America. It is also most famous educational institute of USA for its quality education.

Top 1 Most Expensive School of USA

Privately owned Lawrenceville alma mater was founded in 1810. The alma mater remained all-male for almost 200 year, and become co-educational in 1985. This coeducational institute has classes from ninth to twelfth grades. This institute has total enrollment of eight hundred students. Lawrenceville’s have students from more than thirty states of USA and 40 other countries. Student to teacher ratio is 8:1 here at this institute. Out of total received applications for admission, Lawrenceville accepts only 12%. Academy is located on rural area of 700 acres. The village where the school is seated, is popular as commercial center of students. There are one hundred classrooms in the academy. The academy has an additional facility of golf course. The building includes three houses i.e. Circle houses, Crescent, and Lower house. A unique honor system is working in the academy, in which each house chooses its Honor Representative. This Honor Representative is responsible to maintain discipline at the dorms of academy. The most expensive institute of USA charges approximate $46,989 annually from its students.

Sr. No.NameLocation and Contacts
1Lawrenceville School2500 Main Street, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, United States
+1 609-896-0400
2Salisbury School251 Canaan Rd, Salisbury, CT 06068, United States
+1 860-435-5700
3Avenues: The World School259 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, United States
+1 212-524-9000
4Riverdale Country School5250 Fieldston Road, Bronx, NY 10471, United States
+1 718-549-8810
5Hotchkiss School11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039, United States
+1 860-435-2591
6Horace Mann School231 W 246th St, Bronx, NY 10471, United States
+1 718-432-4000
7Groton School282 Farmers Row, Groton, MA 01450, United States
+1 978-448-3363
8Lawrence AcademyPowderhouse Road, Groton, MA 01450, United States
+1 978-448-6535
9Kent School1 Macedonia Rd, Kent, CT 06757, United States
+1 860-927-6000
10Concord Academy166 Main St, Concord, MA 01742, United States
+1 978-402-2200

The hierarchy has been set on the bases of fees charged by the academy from 9th to 12th grade and the boarding charges. Most of the academies are affiliated under some university or college of USA. And the product of these institutions gets high regards all over the zone. Looking of the above schools and their characteristics, which would be your choice.