List of Top Ten Most Expensive Colleges in the USA

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Colleges in the USA

There is a List of Top ten most expensive colleges in the USA. Education, a thirst of every one all around the world which has many extents; includes getting gen about the field which a learner has opted, learning all the facets allied to subject, rising that certain aptitude in one’s self which is akin to that subject and acquiring the wide exposure of the field of study; which also contains one self’s personal grooming and mentoring which aids in to lead a witty life style, and considering all these thing, the level of the institute from where we get education is very keenly looked for by the world for which we become willing to spend a lot of money in seek of certain qualities in that institute i.e. faculty and staff of the institute, teacher to children ratio, level of discipline enforced there, co-curricular and extracurricular activities happen there, fame earned by that institute, and most importantly the facilities provided to the children in the campuses; so that they can get educated in its true sense. Today, we are going to have a look on the posh colleges which are present in America. These are 10 most expensive institutes of USA. These institutes offer all the vital niceties to the educators. And the educators around the world want to get education from these institutes due their unbeatable characteristics.

10. Bard College:

List of a Top Ten Most Expensive Colleges in USA

It is a private institute situated at Simon’s Rock. But this college is also known as Simon’s Rock. This institute was established in 1966. It is situated on rural land of 275 acres. This institute adopts semester system. This institute is ranked 12th by Best institution is National Colleges 2015. Disciplines like Engineering, Social Sciences, English Language, Visual Arts and Performing Arts are taught here. Among those who apply for admission here, almost 90% are selected. Children to faculty ratio is very minimal here, i.e. 6:1. All the classes have less than 20 students. Out of 350 students, 58% are the women and 42% are men. 90% of the pupils reside in the hostel, which are run by the college. This institute offers good living facilities to its students. Another plus point about the college is that it gives certain sort of financial help to more than 50% of the students. The college is going to charge approximate $ 48,551 fee in year 2014-15.

9. Harvey Mudd College:

Top Ten Most Expensive Colleges in USA

This institute was established in 1955. This institution is one of the members of the consortium of five colleges known as Claremont Colleges. This institution shares the resources with other colleges of the consortium; like libraries, health services, dining halls. However, each college of this group is operated and managed by its own administration, college endowment, and board of trustees. The educators of Harvey Mudd are asked to take classes in other four colleges of the group. This institution was ranked 18th in the list of Best Colleges is National Colleges 2015. Major disciplines include science, engineering, and mathematic, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, biology, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Exciting thing is that, the students may select courses of their own choice. Total undergraduate enrollment is eight hundred, of which 46% are females. It is in a suburban area of 33 acres. It uses a semester-based academic calendar. Harvey Mudd College stood 15th in list of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. Almost 99% of the students reside in the halls of the college. Of total applications received for admission, this institution selects only 19%. There is one faculty member for every 9 students at the college. 60% of the classes have number of students less than 20. 35% of the classes have students between 21 and 49. While only five percent of the classes have more than 50 students. Around $ 48594 is going to be the fee charges in year 2015.

8. Tufts University:

USA Most Expensive Top Ten Colleges

27th ranked institute in Best National Universities in 2015, this private institute was created in 1852. It is in Medford, Massachusetts. At present, it has three major schools for undergraduates, which are Art, Science and engineering. It is situated on 150 acre of land. It selects only 18.6% of admission applicants. According to Forbs, Tufts is on 15th for its research work in year 2014. More than 5000 pupils are enrolled here. Among this strength, the ratio of males and females is almost equal. Here, almost 38.2% of the students get need based scholarship. Emphasis on athletics is other characteristic of the college. 63% of the students live in hostels managed or operated under college. Student to faculty ratio is 9:1 in this college. More than 67% of the classes has less than 20 students enrolled it them. And almost 8 % of the classes have more than 50 students. Tuft would charge around $ 48,643 for the facilities provided by it.

7. Oberlin College:

Ten Most Expensive Colleges in USA

This is another American “liberal art institute”, located in Ohio. It was established in 1833. It is blessed with a peaceful setting due to its suburb location. 2894 undergraduates are studying here. In this institute also, number of women are more than men. It got 23rd ranking in Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. Student to teacher ratio at OC is 9:1. 77% of the Classes have less than 20 students and 21% classes have students between 20 and 49. But 2% of the classes have more than 50 students. There are many organizations and societies who are working with the college. Pupils are required to live in the college hostels or with “Oberlin Student Cooperative Association”. The college sends its students at different places to get learned. For example, some students were sent to India to have a comprehensive study on Gandhi. Students are to pay $48,682 for studying here.

6. George Washington University:

Top Ten List of Most Expensive Colleges in USA

In 1821, this Alma Mater was formed with the name of Columbian College. It formed under a Royal Charter. Its name was replaced with George Washington University in 1904. It was to give honor to first president of USA George Washington. GW offers graduates and undergraduate degrees in many disciplines like Science, Arts, Business, and International Affairs. Majors like Public Health and Nursing, Engineering and Applied Science are also being studied here. Presently, it is located in Washington, D.C. on 43 acres. It have total enrollment of more than 10000 students in the college. Among the total students, there are 55% females and 45% males. The college got 54th rank in Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. This institute would be ideal for the lovers of politics. It have been ranked 1st by The Princeton Review as “Most Politically Active Schools”. Many students of this institutions have been a part of US and other governments. GW is also known for its sport and other co-curricular activities. Student to faculty ratio is little tall i.e. 13:1. These all facilities make fee of approximate $48,760 reasonable one.

5. Carnegie Mellon University:

List of Top Five Most Expensive Colleges in USA

This institute was started in year 1900. It started private title by Andrew Carnegie. It was established as a school named as Carnegie Technical Schools. The institute merged with Mellon Institute of Industrial Research and became Carnegie Mellon University. It is located at urban area of Pennsylvania. Out of more than 6000 students, 57% are males and 43% are females. The University got 25th grade among the Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. This Alma Mater offers the facilities like dining and entertainment. Sports include hockey, football and baseball. Fresh students are to live in the campus. This institute is known for majors like science, technology, fine arts, humanities, social works and computer science. Acceptance rate of the admission applications is 25.5%. Services like women center, day care, placement services, health services and insurance are also provided here. The students would pay approximate $48,786 in year 2015 as fee.

4. Trinity College:

Top 5 Most Expensive Colleges in USA

This institute has been founded two centuries ago, in 1823, in private ownership. It is a second oldest educational institute in urban area of Connecticut. The area of the college is 100 acres. Coeducational system was started here in 1969. At present there are twenty three hundred students in the college. This institute offers 38 major subjects. Student to faculty ratio at the college is 10:1. 45th rank is given to this institute in ranking list of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. Out of all admission applications, only 31.8% are selected. And out of the strength of twenty three hundred students, 52% are male and 48% are female Students live in the campus. They may choose any of 100 clubs and organizations to get part of them. Here, the students are provided with many internship opportunities and job placement packages. Around $49,056 is the fee of college for year 2015.

3. Vassar College:

List of Top Three Most Expensive Colleges in USA

This private institute was started in 1861, as a women college. But in 1969 it became a coeducational institute. At present, Vassar College is expanded over 1,000 acres of land. It has almost 100 buildings. Due to suburban location of this institution, the environment of the institute is very peaceful. This institution offers bachelor degrees in art in almost 50 majors. The curriculum of the courses is flexible, and is changed time to time, depended upon the need of the time. It has 2500 students. In this institution, the number of male is 44% among the total enrollment, while females are 56%. 98% of the student lives in halls and flats of the college. It stands 11th in national universities ranking list of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. The third most expensive college of USA will charge $49,570 fee from its students.

2. Sarah Lawrence College (NY):

Top 3 Most Expensive Colleges in USA

William Van Duzer Lawrence established this institute in 1926. This institution was named after her wife Sarah Lawrence. This institution is in a suburban area of New York on an area of 44 acres. There is semester system in the institute. This institution is known for its rigorous study matter. Features of low children-to-teachers ratio and individualized study courses are highly admired about this college. This institution is ranked at 59th in the Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015 ranking. Total enrollment at the college is 1,471. Of which, 28% are male, while 72% are female. Classes having with less than 20 students are 93%, classes having 20-49 students are 7%. And only 1% of the classes have more than 50 kids. This institute has produced many socialists, writers, poets, novelists, media persons and others. Approximate $50,780 is a sum of money to be paid by the students as fee.

1. Columbia University (NY):
Which is the most expensive College of USA?
Columbia University is the most expensive institution of United States of America. It is also most famous educational institute of USA for its quality education.

Most Expensive Colleges in the USA

It is an old private institute in New York. It was created by the virtue of a Royal Charter before “American Revolution” in year 1754, by George II. Initial it was named as King’s College. But soon after, the name was replaced with Columbia College in 1784. From 1896, the institute is known as Columbia University. Presently, this institute has its Global Centers in more than 8 countries. The cities are Amman, Istanbul, Beijing, Mumbai, Paris, Satiago, Rio de Jaeiro and Nairobi. Other than these, the university is operating many allied schools and colleges.

This institution is ranked fourth in Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges 2015. It has more than 6000 kids. In these children, the number of females is slightly less than the males. The campus is situated on an area of 36 acres. In the university, 82 % of the classes have fewer numbers of students than 20. 10% of the classes have number of students between 20 and 49. And 8% of the classes have number of students more than 50. Each year, the university receives hundred thousand admission applications, but it accepts only 6.2 percent of them. The university has more than hundred Nobel Laureates in its Alumni, Obama, Barack one of them. The most expensive college will charge around $51,008 from the students in 2015.

Most Expensive Colleges in the USA – Top Rated

Sr. No.NameLocation
1Columbia University (NY)#116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027, United States
2Sarah Lawrence College (NY)#1 Mead Way, Yonkers, NY 10708, United States
3Vassar College#124 Raymond Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604, United States
4Trinity College#300 Summit St, Hartford, CT 06106, United States
5Carnegie Mellon University#5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States
6George Washington University#2121 I St NW, Washington, DC 20052, United States
7Oberlin College#173 W Lorain St, Oberlin, OH 44074, United States
8Tufts University#419 Boston Ave, Medford, MA 02155‎, United States
9Harvey Mudd College# 301 Platt Boulevard, Claremont, CA 91711, United States
10Bard College#30 Campus Rd, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY 12504, United States

All the facilities provided by a institution, both inside the campus and in the hostels, have some rank for the educator. From studying amenities to lodging facilities, everything is valued by the students of a institution. And these are the factors due to which the students dream to be socially identified with these institutions. So, of which college you would like to be a part.