List of Top Ten Best Universities in Texas

List of Top Ten Best Universities in Texas

Second largest state of USA, i.e., Texas, is rich in its Heritage and cultural aspects. This state is not only known for its business, art, music but also for education. This state provides one of the fantastic education facilities not only for students of USA but of the whole World. There are a number of students who come to this state every year to get an education in some of the best-renowned universities of the World. For occupying a very large area in the USA, Texas has diverse climate and geographical demographics. This state has not only landscape but also deserts comprising of Mountains in The West. So the students who come here from other areas of the country, and the World, enjoys a variety of flavors of living. In the same way, there are some universities in this State offering many degrees in a wide range of disciplines. Else than that, the economic conditions of this state attract students for the low cost of living and earning opportunities. Strong connectivity and networks of the universities in the corporate sector make the students employed for part-time jobs. It was the short brief of demographics of Texas, especially in a context of the educational environment. Now let’s have a review of top ten universities, where students can get inducted and build their future:


List of Top Ten Best Universities in Texas

Started in an orthodox era of 1895, and reformed itself accordingly in every changing age, is a short story of THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON. Without having more than just more than adequate resources, UT ARLINGTON has been performing well since it has been inaugurated in all the essential dimensions. It has been remarkable in its academic structure. Besides that, facilities like sports, housing, scholarships are very well managed over here. That’s why this institution have been on the list of top ten best universities in Texas.


Top Ten Best Universities in Texas

SMU is one of the high ranked universities, not only of Texas but in also the USA. Southern Methodist University is known for its well-groomed academic structure. It also enjoys 365th in a list of top five hundred universities of the World. Other prerequisites for creating good learning setting are found here. SMU has a strength of 500000. Although the number of international students at institute is low, even then, the acceptance rate of students is only 50 %. Other than that, student to teacher ratio of SMU is 16:1. And with some reasonable sports and extra-curricular activities, SMU stands 9th on the list.


Top Ten Most Expensive Universities in Texas

With a perfect blend of both classics traditions and flavor of modernization, BAYLOR UNIVERSITY has been working since 1845. That is an old institution. Green and gold are the colors that broadcast university’s old traditions as well as the achievements it made. Although Baylor is an expensive institute. It accepts only twenty thousand students every year. But still it is a dream for many students. It is for some astonishing learning experience every student of Baylor explores. BU have secured many records. These records are mainly in sports. BU has produced some great sportsmen. This private institution has an affiliation with Christian Baptist and gives scholarships to some students every year. Other facilities, like a library, housing, sports facilities ranks Baylor 8th in the list.


Top 10 Best Universities in Texas

It is the another remarkable University of Texas in 7th position. UT DALLAS is an acronym of the University. It was started in 1969. In spite of its less age, UT has remained successful in gaining fame in the educational sector. The best of UT DALLAS is the Discipline showcased at the campus. Although, UT don’t offer education to a wide number of students, it has been adorable in maintaining high standards of academia. Student to teacher ratio is also great. And students get best learning facilities here. Furthermore, the participation of students in curricular and extracurricular activities is matchless.


List of Top 10 Best Universities in Texas

Scarlet red is the color of motivation that students of TTU embraces after getting enrolled in this university. This university has been working since 1923. And from then, it has produced a remarkably renowned professionals of different fields of life. A wide range, of course, is offered here. This university is a sort of paradise, especially, for international students for its low fees. This university accepts 70 % of the students who applies for admission every year. Furthermore, sports and other activates are reasons of fame of TTU. There are more than 300 Ph.D. teachers in TTU. And students love this all. That’s why it stands 6th in a list of best universities of Texas.


Top Five Best Universities in Texas

This university has been working since 1890 in an urban landscape of Texas. The motto of UNT narrates the importance of education on freedom. White and green are the simple but very narrative colors expressing the norm of UNT. 50000 is the strength of students which get enrolled in the university every year. And the total strength of student of UNT is less 500000. UNT has well-established colleges of more eight disciplines. They offer a wide range of courses. Moreover, an impressive student to teacher ratio makes this institution a distinguished one. For which UNT has a 5th position in the list.


Top 5 Best Universities in Texas

That is the 4th best University in Texas. UH is the acronym of the University Of Houston. Students of UH feels proud in Albino White and Red color of a university. Another reason for feeling proud is, of course, the ranks UH secures, not only among the universities of the USA but also the whole World. UH secures 106th position in World ranking of best universities. Surprisingly, the number of international students of UH have been much more than that of local students. It is just because of fabulous learning environment provided at this university. A student enjoys best learning options here. UH has produced many sportsmen too. University Of Houston law center is also in the list of best law colleges in Texas.


Top Three Best Universities in Texas

Here comes the name of the institution that is very prominent in world’s top hundred universities. RICE UNIVERSITY is a 3rd best University of Texas. It is known for its classic academic structure. The academic structure focuses on Art and Science based students. Every year, Rice capture a great enrollment. Teacher to student ratio is very good indeed. A total number of students is not less than 500,000. Like-wise, the number of courses offered here is matchless than all other universities of Texas. Else than that, RU is usually the best option for students who need scholarships. It is because of low fees a living facilities available for hospitalized students.


Top 3 Best Universities in Texas

Securing a 34th position in world’s universities, TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY is working since 1876 in an urban area of Texas. Nicked as TAMU, this is one of the high ranked universities. It known for best educational environment offered. There are 45000 students and 5000 teachers in this university. Thus, the student to teacher ratio is 9: 1. Here, the students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular and sports activities. That’s why, students of TAMU have found to be much-groomed persons in their lives. Same is the reason that 80% to 90% students of TUMA get employed within one year of completion of their studies.


Best University in Texas

With a motto of providing education to society to make it civilized, this university has been working since 1883 in Texas. Austin University offers different degrees in bachelors, masters and doctorate to more than fifty thousand students in a year. This educational institution is known for its strong cultural heritage since long and has secured a position of a 10th best university in the world. That all is just due to the purified academic structure and groomed studying option and facilities on the campus.  Students are selected by both entry test and marks. And the percentage of acceptance is almost fifty. Else than, having a very good online library base, this university also provides opportunities for distant learning. University of Texas-Austin is also in the list of top ten nursing schools in Texas.

Top Ten Best Universities in Texas

Tel:+1 512-471-3434
2TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY401 Joe Routt Blvd, College Station, TX 77843, United States
Tel:+1 979-845-3211
3RICE UNIVERSITY6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005, United States
Tel:+1 713-348-0000
4UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX 77004, United States
Tel:+1 713-743-2255
5UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS1155 Union Cir, Denton, TX 76203, United States
Tel:+1 940-565-2000
6TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79409, United States
Tel:+1 806-742-2011
7THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS800 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080, United States
Tel:+1 972-883-2111
8BAYLOR UNIVERSITY1311 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76798, United States
Tel:+1 254-710-1011
Tel:+1 214-768-2000
10THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON701 S Nedderman Dr, Arlington, TX 76019, United States
Tel:+1 817-272-2011


In sum, we can say that Texas is rich in a number of good educational institutions. It has world’s best-renowned universities, both public and private. A wide range of courses is offered in these universities. All that you have to do is to make a right choice of institution. But before that, make yourself on such a level that institution should accept you.