U.S Top 10 Best Online Law Institutes

U.S Top 10 Best Online Law Institutes

There is a list of U.S. Top 10 Best Online Law Institutes with their locations and address. You can see here top rated law schools & top online colleges in USA related to law degree and find all of there information.  This article is about best online law institutes. In this article, we will tell you about the best online Law schools in United States. Millions of students study online. There are different reasons people want to study online using internet. Online study by internet is golden opportunity for the peoples who have part time job or any other issue. It is an affordable way to study as it is not much costly. They can study in a comfortable environment in an easy way. Top law universities in USA is about rules and regulations. Acts are made for the peoples. They are made for the benefits for the people so that they get justice. Before law everyone is equal. Law ensures equality and justice must prevail for every kind of the human being. Ruling is equal for every rich and poor. U.S.A law schools, colleges, and universities are providing online services to facilitate its students. These institutes are ranked according to their quality education, well educated and experienced faculty members. Following are the institutes that are providing the best online law education to the students.

10.New York University School of Law:

Top 10 best USA Law Universities

This is the oldest ruling school in New York. This is a private institute that came into the existence in 1835. It has 125 highly educated faculty members. Bar passing rate of New York University school of law is 97.18 percent. So this is also one of the reasons that it is the best online institute. It is not easy to get admission in this ruling school. For entering the classes, 3.8 GPA is required. For selecting the best students from the thousands of applicants they have ultra selecting process for about 450 seats. In its exceptional alumni, it has not only the Hollywood producers but also the president and journalists. It has noteworthy alumni such as Ma Ying Jeou president of the republic of china. Peter Guber is also included in its alumni. He is not only the best entrepreneur but also the CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.

9.Washington University School of Law:

Top 10 Best Law Institutes in U.S.

It is located in St. Louis (Missouri). It is private American law institute. It came into existence in 1987. Its remarkable alumni include Arsalan Iftikhar. He is a well-renowned human rights lawyer. William H. Webster is also included in its notable alumni. He is not only the jurist, attorney but also the chairman of homeland security advisory council. It is a private ruling Institute of United States. The united state news and world report have ranked it among the best ruling schools of 2015.United state news and world report have given it the 18 rank. This institute has more than one hundred highly educated faculty members. The admission to this private ruling Institute is highly competitive. Students have to get more GPA marks to get admission. Out of 4251 applicants, only 1032 were given admission in this institute.

8.Vermont Law School:

Best 10 Law Institutes in U.S.

It is a private institute that came into existence in 1973.This institute is offering program on environmental act. It has been ranked number one in the United state news and world report. It has forty-four faculty members. 85.2 percent is the bar passing rate of this best online ruling institute. Charles A Murphy, Vincent Illuzzi, Sarah E Buxton, Elizabeth Macdonough are some of its noteworthy alumni. This ruling institute was also ranked number one in many years.

7.The George Washington University:

U.S. Top 10 best Law Institutes

It is located in United States Northwest Street in Washington. It has an acceptance rate of 34.4 percent. As noteworthy alumni, it has Harry Reid (American politician and senator). Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Colin Powel have studied from this institute. Colin is an American retired general and statesman. He has also written many books. It has changed it name in the honor of the 1st president of the United States. This institute has also ranked as the most political active school. The George Washington University consists of three campuses. This institute has many library systems for students. It has 2663 faculty members.

6.Thomas Jefferson School of Law:

U.S. Best 10 Law Institutes

It is located in San Diego in United States. This online private institute came into existence in 1969. It has 54.7 percent bar pass rate. It is a private but non-profit institute. Thomas Jefferson School of ruling has more than one hundred faculty members. The California bar exam had given this private institute the bar pass rate of 52 percent in 2012. Lillian Lim , Duncan Hunter (chairman of the house committee on armed services) ,Roger T. Benitez ( Judge of the district court of the united states) and Jessica King who was the member of Senate is the exceptional alumni of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

5.Novus Law School:

U.S. Top 5 Law Institutes

This is ranked as the fifth best online ruling institute. This gives an opportunity to the people who want to study from home. They provide creative and comfortable environment to the students. They say there are no borders for the education. And this university proves to be best in this regards. Novus.edu is the web address of their online website. Fee schedule is available online for the students. The students who pay their full fee when registering they are given 10 percent tuition grants. For guidance on this ruling Institute and degree program, online video is available on its website. Students can also take a bar exam admission online. If you need for guidance the mentors and the advisors helps the students interested in this ruling college. This institute is the member of the U.S distance learning association. As this institute aims to prove the less expensive online education to people living in distant places.

4.California School of Law:

U.S. Best 10 Law Institutes

The students can apply online to get admission. They can also mail to their email address for further information. They provide access to the students who want to study online. Students can study online, and they can also give exams.Traveling expenditure and other expenses can be avoided. It is ranked as number 4. It has mentioned about the fifteen online faculty members. They are experienced, highly educated faculty members.

3.Northwestern University California school of law:

U.S Top 3 Law Institutes

This institute is also based on the aim to provide online education to students who cannot attend the university on the daily basis. It came into existence in 1982. This third highest ranked institute has 36 percent bar pass rate. Michael P. Clancey (Former Marine Corps judge advocate) is the dean of this institute. Northwestern University California school of law has notable alumni. Its alumni include Mark Whitacre, Max Hardberger, and Games E. Gilleran.

2.Abraham Lincoln University school of Law:

U.S. Best Three Law Institutes

This institute is present in Los Angles in unites state. It came into existence in 1996. It is a private institute having 17 faculty members. It has 42.1 cumulative bar examinations passing rate. The institute has its online website named as Abraham Lincoln University. This institute was renamed after the 16th United States president named Abraham Lincoln. He was not only a great lawyer but also a great politician.

1.Concord Law school at Kaplan University:

Best Law Institute in U.S.

It is located in Los Angles (California). Concord Law School merged with the Kaplan University. Kaplan University is the parent school.Concord Law School is the subsidiary school. Kaplan University is the commerce institute. It came in to being in 1937. Kaplan University has eleven campuses. It is affiliated with the Kaplan higher education corporation. Kaplan University is also affiliated with Graham Holdings Company. It was ranked 56 in the United States news and world report. Concord Law School at Kaplan University has 19 percent bar examination pass rate. It has 55 faculty members. This Unites States best online private law institute came into existence in 1998. Two Juris Doctors law degrees are been offered by this exceptional Institute of United States. Students are given online lectures by the means of internet in Concord Law School at Kaplan University.

1Concord Law school at Kaplan University9000 Keystone Crossing, Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46240
2Abraham Lincoln university school of Law3530 Wilshire Boulevard #1430, Los Angeles, CA 90010, United States
Tel: +1 213-252-5100
3Northwestern University California school of law2151 River Plaza Dr #306, Sacramento, CA 95833, United States
Tel: +1 916-920-9470
4California School of LawCalifornia School of Law
5276 Hollister Ave, Suite 262
Santa Barbara, CA 93111Tel:805 770-3030
5Novus Law SchoolUS & Canada, Tel:1-800-699-6685International, Tel: country code+818-392-8103
6Thomas Jefferson School of Law1155 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, United States
Tel: +1 619-297-9700
7The George Washington University2121 I St NW, Washington, DC 20052, United States
Tel:+1 202-994-1000
8Vermont Law School164 Chelsea Street, South Royalton, VT 05068, United States
Tel:+1 802-831-1000
9Washington University School of Law1 Brookings Dr, St. Louis, MO 63130, United States
Tel: +1 314-935-6400
10New York University School of LawNew York University, 40 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012, United States
Tel:+1 212-998-6100

Above mentioned are the best online ruling institutes of United States. We have also told you in their bar examination passing rate and also about the ranking given by the United States news and world report. Many students cannot attend classes because they have part time job or other issues. They give online lectures to the students. Students can apply online for the admission. Students who study in them have very good grades. Many students want to study online. They can not avail this opportunity because their grades are not sufficient.